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July 30, 2007

Female behind the wheel

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Woman Driving

I must admit that driving intimidates me. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I going for a driver’s license at a late age (I’m 32 now), or maybe it has to with the bad jokes about women and their driving skills. I don’t know. The thing is: I don’t like driving. And perhaps that is where it all begins…

Let’s face it: who really likes driving? I am not talking about how easier it is to drop the kids at the school, go to work, supermarket and extending the evening program without worrying about the “last” bus. These are facts that not even I can ignore, but from the bottom of my heart, I don’t really enjoy the idea of sitting behind the wheel, paying attention to the traffic around me, irresponsible drivers, careless teenagers and narrow streets. Isn’t it so much better to sit back, relax and enjoy the view? Man! I wish I didn’t need to get a driver’s license (again).

Yeah, you read it correctly. I used to have one, but in Brazil. Not that I think it would be valid in Europe anyway, but as I moved to Belgium and was not around when mine should be renewed, it simply expired. It may sound that things are easier for me since I have been there; however, reality shows the opposite.

Accepting that 8 years without driving is way too long is not in my book. I expect driving to be like riding a bicycle and that I would never forget how to keep balance on the road. Unfortunately, I was wrong. In fact, I feel even worse than I used to when I went to the driving school for the time. I have expectations now, and they are making me frustrated.

Even though my instructor is a very calm man, in my mind, the fact that I will have lessons this evening again makes me feel like I am going to face the beast.

Well, like it or not, they said that it is important to my career, so I am going for it. I still have 16 hours of practice (including today’s) and afterwards, 3 months of what they call “internship” before being able to do the exam. We will see then how it goes.


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