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August 13, 2007

Passion keeps the fire burning

Filed under: Life — Debbie Rodrigues @ 7:44 am

MudeI have just read this interesting article on the Six Sigma Blogs and the topic inspired me.

Generally, when one hears the word “passion”, the association with an intense relationship becomes almost immediate. Even though it does apply to the word, one can also feel passion for his or her hobbies, family, and why not saying, work, as well.

There is Brazilian writer called Edson Marques who won a prize some years ago with a poem with the refrain: “only the dead don’t change”. Surprising truth, isn’t it?

Many of us get scared when they think that some situation might face a turn at some point and there are those who even run away from living (meaning having a social life and any type of closer relationship) just to avoid the changes and instability that they cause.

Closing oneself might be an “easy” solution as it requires little to non-effort to self-development, but it is also a short-term answer to a deep-rooted situation.

Now, changes are a reality at work. Modern methologies reinforce the need of keeping “energy flowing” in order to acquire more success and profit. They change even winning teams when these changes lead to larger growth.

If variation can work wonders in your professional life, why not implementing some in your personal routine too? You don’t have to leave your family, move to another city or bald your head (unless that is what you want, of course). But I am pretty sure that if you stop for a minute or two, you will see that there are a lot of things you can do to freshen up your life. Don’t look for radical things unnecessarily. Just keep your eyes open for the world around you, have passion for everything you do and don’t be afraid to live. You won’t regret it!



  1. Debbie,

    Tenho a versão feita pelo Paulo Coelho, aqui:

    Mas, pelo que já pude notar, pelo estilo, gostarei mais da tua!


    Abraços, flores, estrelas..


    Comment by Edson Marques — August 15, 2007 @ 11:17 pm | Reply

  2. […] I came across an old blog entry I posted back in 2007 that reflects a lot of my spirit now. It reinforced the fact that I am not […]

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