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August 8, 2007

Babies are not toys

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Baby & TV

Maybe some will say that I am not in state to make any comment on the subject because I do not have a child my own. However, there are reasons for that that go further beyond me wanting to have a “life”.

I have just read a very interesting article on Time concerning all those videos and DVDs that supposedly would make toddlers smarter than the average.

To me, the whole thing begins in why people have children anyway. There is nothing bad in having them, but are the parents prepared emotionally, psychologically, and mainly, financially for the step they are taking?

It shocks me to realize the effect that the pregnancy of some famous personality or that any (disturbing) delivery program has on people. Sometimes it seems to me that people simply are out of their minds and that probably the excess of so-called “reality” shows brought people too far away from true reality.

Babies are cute and everybody knows that. The thing is: babies grow and become adults highly influenced by their early years.

How can someone think that the companion of a TV-set or of a computer screen will substitute the loving and caring presence of the parents (yeah, parents! Leaving with the toddlers with the neighbors, grandparents or babysitters might sound like a smart solution, but it does not take the responsibility of the progenitors)? Later, when a teenager commits crimes hiding him/herself behind the influence of games, society believes it and even feel sympathy for the lost soul. Has anyone ever checked the way those criminals were raised?

Let’s face it: why having a baby when you are going to leave the poor thing to be raised by a machine? Is it the way you would like to live: surrounded by screens, rarely having any contact with real people? Healthy people are able to develop themselves healthy. Becoming smart is part of the process.

Unless you are ready for the commitment, willing to take turns necessary to create a positive environment for the human being you are bringing to the world, think carefully about it before having a baby. There is much more involved in raising a child than just changing dippers. 

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