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August 5, 2007

Pet love

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I adore animals. They are so easy to understand and to deal with.

An animal does not have two faces. It is what it is. Reacting according to the environment around it, but always sincere to itself, its origin and instincts.

In terms of pets, cats are my favorite by far.

It is true that a dog is not an option when on lives on a (small) appartment. You have to think about the animal and take its needs in consideration. Having a nice garden where it can play is not luxury.

Not that cats don’t need their “space” as well, still… it is different. They are more independent and deal better with the idea of staying home alone better than most dogs I have seen so far.

Needless to say that I do have a cat and its name is Soubi. It is a street cat that I adopted a little more than two years ago. He is mostly black having some white hair under his kin.

I am not going to say how much I love it because you probably have already noticed it. Soubi is really sweet in spite of not being social at all. He is shy.

Soubi is my little baby and I do just like any other proud mother: I love taking pictures of it.

This week I decided creating a set only for him on my pro Flickr and little by little I will be adding old images of him there as well.

August 05, 07 - Soubi

This a brand new one I took this morning and which is also available on my Flickr.

I will surely be sharing more from him soon.

Take care.


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