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July 31, 2007

Order in the house

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Sitting around doing nothing is definately something I was not made for. I get bored very easily. I need to feel that my time is being filled, that I am producing something, otherwise, I feel like wasting precious lifetime.
When you are at work, you work. Outside the office, at least in my simplist way of seeing things, time is yours.Lately, I have been using “my” time to organize the chaos that I had built around me. Mainly, the one that stays on the desk, in the cupboard, in the closet and everywhere around the place, except where it should be. However, now it is the moment of cleaning the place, in all senses.

It is fun to see things this way, but believe, for someone naturally chaotic like me, the simple fact of placing all documents together and always on the same place can be a serious exercise of discipline. So I came up with a method that is working so far (for almost 3 months and I am proud of that):

1. Start with what causes you more problems

Every evening when I had to pick the clothes to go to work on the next day (why not? I can always stay longer in bed this way and I don’t risk getting socks of different colors) it was a nightmare. I could never find what I want to wear, or when I did, it was begging for some ironing. It disturbed me very much because it happened religiously every single evening (including when it was going out) and made me waste a lot time.

Taking a deep breath and organizing everything was not the most difficult, but maintaining it was another story. I arrived at home and the temptation of just throwing things was irresistable. When it happened, I just tried to focus in how harder things would get when I had to wear the same outfit again. Who likes ironing for godsake?!? It works wonders. At the first sight of chaos coming, getting things done before they get worse is the solution. Don’t let your mood go down. Remember “Getting Fit with Denise Austin”? “You can do it!!!” After a while you will see that you gained hours with the minutes invested on daily basis.

2. You can’t say good-bye to things

Remember the sticker of the first Valentine’s Day gift you got from your beloved one that still lies in the shelf? What about the rest of the wrapping paper you bought for last Christmas? Or even all your books from college that you keep “just in case”? Let’s face it: you will remember about the sticker for long, the wrapping paper will be oldfashioned by next season and all those books will never be touched again. Ever!

So it is time to practice a little bit of detachment and get rid of things that are just there, taking place. Think that the more you accumulate, the less place you have for the new/modern/stylish stuff and you will have a lot of extra work if you need to move.

The key is keep it simple! If you won’t be needing in the next month (or less), chances are you will forget about it anyway. There surely are a lot of things laying around that could make use of some extra empty space in your cupboard, drawer or desk.

3. It has no use if it’s broken

If you are as attached to your belongings as I am, you probably keep a lot stuff just waiting for the day when you will have whether time to put it back together or money to have someone fixing it. This sounds very beautiful, but a question arises: will it really ever happen? Or is it even worth it to start with?

It is amazing how fast appliances evolve and how the idea of fashion can totally change in one year. Unless you have extremely comfortable leather boots that need to be refurbished, don’t keep them just for the numbers. And if they are that comfortable, don’t wait any longer to have them fixed. You will never know when you need them again. Leaving them ready to use might prevent you throwing away money with new ones that might not fit that well.

Even if everything around your place has a story, keep in mind that you are not a museum. Let it go.

4. If you already have it, you don’t need new ones

It is common that when people move away, either to live themselves or with someone else, they buy (almost of) everything they need. The idea varies according to the budget, but the minimum is there. This should imply that certain basics like boards, glasses, towels, etc are already there, somewhere, under the bed or in the pile of ironing. Unless you are able to get rid of the old stuff you have (see point 2), don’t go getting yourself more plates just because they were on sale. Towels and bed covers do need to be replaced after a while, but you don’t need to buy new ones if you still have some in their original package.

5. Keep up with the good work

Once you get things done (whether it is one room or the whole place) you will see the wonders it will work on you. However, have in mind that it is just the beginning. Keeping things the way that they are after you organized them. Don’t let things go to crazy again before you organize it all over again. The idea is making life easier for you and not an endless sort of Penelope’s work. It takes much less time and effort to put away a thing or two than to clean up the whole place. The longer you are able to maintain things in order, the more rewarding it will be.

Discipline is the key word. You must have it when you begin your work and you must maintain the momentum afterwards. Nothing will change if you don’t break your own inertia and move on. Speaking from my own experience, these little things have been working sweet miracles in my daily life.

This said, let’s start working!

*image from The Morning News.


July 30, 2007

Female behind the wheel

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Woman Driving

I must admit that driving intimidates me. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I going for a driver’s license at a late age (I’m 32 now), or maybe it has to with the bad jokes about women and their driving skills. I don’t know. The thing is: I don’t like driving. And perhaps that is where it all begins…

Let’s face it: who really likes driving? I am not talking about how easier it is to drop the kids at the school, go to work, supermarket and extending the evening program without worrying about the “last” bus. These are facts that not even I can ignore, but from the bottom of my heart, I don’t really enjoy the idea of sitting behind the wheel, paying attention to the traffic around me, irresponsible drivers, careless teenagers and narrow streets. Isn’t it so much better to sit back, relax and enjoy the view? Man! I wish I didn’t need to get a driver’s license (again).

Yeah, you read it correctly. I used to have one, but in Brazil. Not that I think it would be valid in Europe anyway, but as I moved to Belgium and was not around when mine should be renewed, it simply expired. It may sound that things are easier for me since I have been there; however, reality shows the opposite.

Accepting that 8 years without driving is way too long is not in my book. I expect driving to be like riding a bicycle and that I would never forget how to keep balance on the road. Unfortunately, I was wrong. In fact, I feel even worse than I used to when I went to the driving school for the time. I have expectations now, and they are making me frustrated.

Even though my instructor is a very calm man, in my mind, the fact that I will have lessons this evening again makes me feel like I am going to face the beast.

Well, like it or not, they said that it is important to my career, so I am going for it. I still have 16 hours of practice (including today’s) and afterwards, 3 months of what they call “internship” before being able to do the exam. We will see then how it goes.

Going further

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After writing two entries, I was feeling this blog empty. Since I started my blog adventure years ago, I have always a pre-conception of the content I wanted to share with my texts. This time however, the proposal is a little bit different. It is not like I don’t know what to write about, but I want to keep the subjects as open as possible. And why is that?Well, first of all, I personally try to keep my mind as open as possible (whatever it might mean to a Taurus person). I am curious by nature. Whenever I hear about some new gadget on the market, another hit on the radio or simply or the latest trendy place to be. So, if I want to write about myself, I can say that I am doing a “good job” if I omit one or two preferences of mine. On the other hand, writing about different subjects all together is not an easy task at all.

How to lead the “conversation” to an interesting level? How to maintain the quality of the blog when so many different subjects are discussed? And, very important, how to call people’s attention and get them stopping by (and returning)?

In this new momentum of mine, I can’t really say that I found the answer to these questions, but I am sure that I will come out with something. Until then, I will be experimenting and that is the reason why I created a completely independent blog. It is not like I discard the previous (mostly signed under the penname Barbara Mayo). They are also a part of me, but at the present moment of my life, I can afford spending the few free hours that I have writing different entries a day. I don’t want to be passive anymore. Instead of waiting for the news in the comfort of my place, I want to go out and experience the world and pass it forward through words, pictures and videos.

More to come…

July 29, 2007

Back on the blog

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Debbie Rodrigues

Yesterday, it was shopping day. To make things different, instead of going to the same places, I went to Leuven.

It is quite a famous student city. What I like best about it is the interesting mix of old and traditional buildings. It had been already some years since I last went there, so I was curious about what I was going to see there.

Needless to say that one day is not enough. I got back home full of bags and I took the opportunity to practice my video and picture skills. I can’t say that I really happy with the results, but they are already some steps in the direction of getting in the blog mood again. You can see the results on my Flickr (with photos from fIan_man) and YouTube.

I hope you will like it!

Take care,


July 28, 2007


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It has taken me a long time to start using WordPress.

It is not that I didn’t like the site, but I had some many blogs already and I didn’t want to get involved in more things. However, after a recent major change in things, I realized that it was time to change it.

Well, now that I am here, I am looking forward writing about the different subjects that concern me and that are part of my (daily) activities.

I am also on the Facebook now and you will be able to read my entries here there too.

More as time passes.

Best regards,


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